Upon entering the program, the candidates will already have completed specialist training in clinical oncology. Specialists that have worked less than five years in the radiotherapy departement will be favored. The aim is to include applicants from both university an non-university hospitals.

30 applicants will be selected to the program; 10 from Sweden, 6 from Norway, 6 from Denmark, 6 from Finland and 2 from Iceland. Each country has a National committee that will decide which candidates in their country respectively that are accepted. If a country does not fill its assigned course places, the Nordic steering committee will chose the most suitible candidate to fill the spot.

Last date to apply April 1st 2024. Date of notification if you are accepted or not: May 3rd 2024.

How to apply

Your application should contain the following:

  • Completed and signed application form (download below)
  • Completed and signed contract (download below)
  • Cover letter where you tell us a bit about your work experience and what motivates you to apply for the NORTHDIP program
  • Letter of recommendation from the head of your department

Create one PDF-file containing the four documents and email it to the contact in your country (listed below).

Please use your first and last name to name the file.

Application form

Download application form


Download contract