The Nordic Radiotherapy Diploma program for Clinical oncologists


Nordic Radiotherapy Diploma Program (NORTHDIP) is a postgraduate educational and training program for clinical oncologists working in Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The NORTHDIP steering committee was founded in 2022 by the Nordic countries with the aim to develop radiotherapy competence among existing clinical oncologists and to make radiation oncology to an even more attractive part of clinical oncology.

The NORTHDIP initiative also have an ambition to increase the collaboration in research and development between the Nordic countries to create a foundation for future scientific collaborations. The first NORTHDIP course will start in October 2024.


Radiotherapy is an important component of cancer treatment. About 50% of all cancer patients will have radiotherapy as part of their treatment plan at one or several occations during the course of illness. All the Nordic countries have an ambition to offer their citizens the best care in the world and to engage as many patients as possible in clinical trials.

In the Nordic countries clinical oncologists cover both medical and radiation oncology and there is a lack of clinical oncologists that are competent in radiation oncology.


30 applicants are accepted into the program. Specialists that have worked less than five years in the radiotherapy department will be favored. Read more and learn how to apply now.

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